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β€œThe fine art of making bread.”


We create delicious and nourishing bread from all natural, locally sourced ingredients that elevates the eating experience.

About Us

When Sarah and Mike first started dating, she asked him what his dream job would be. His answer: own a bread bakery. REALLY! We don’t come from a long line of bakers or have classical training. But...

We love to eat bread! (Who doesn’t?)

We were tired of the mass produced bread with additives and preservatives and didn’t like feeding it to our little kids. We understand why it’s done, but believe that a few locally grown/sourced ingredients can be combined together to make loaves of bread that not only taste better, but are better for you. So eight years later and after several serendipitous events here we are with Masterpiece Bread!

The concept for the name “Masterpiece” came from our love of the arts, both visual and performing. Many of our loaves are flour-dusted with stencils of other famous masterpieces.


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